I can no longer leave you alone, we’re taking you with us. Just to be clear, I won’t allow you to attack the next time. I will become as strong as my sister. I will protect you.  

Wow is she ever stiff.

Misaka Mikoto arrived at the coast.


They had pushed on and pushed on and pushed on in the direction the flying fortress had gone and they had finally ended up at that fishing harbor.


She could not find the slightest thing that would act as a clue to that boy’s whereabouts.


I kind of completely forgot I was reading Index whoops

…..they had left behind that boy who had said he still had something he needed to do.

Misaka Mikoto’s cries were the only things that remained behind.

I got that a few times before getting the full combo, it’s a pain in the ass.
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i know that feeling

It wasn’t even a difficult part. why.

oh come ON


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