I should probably go to sleep now

I tried making a gif

I tried making a gif

I’m laughing too much help 



If my blog were a person, it’d Himegami Aisa.


30 Days of Raildex Challenge

Day 5: Least favorite pairing(s)

Hmmm I don’t usually give much thought about the pairings that I don’t like. I guess I don’t really see Touma and Index together, romantically speaking. I like how they care for each other, but I see something missing for a romantic pairing. And still I know there’s a huge possibility of it being canon.

Oh, yeah, I can’t see Accelerator and Last Order as a romantic pairing. Just… please, no. 

hollowdaniel replied to your post “I actually liked Sayaka in the last Madoka movie I wasn’t expecting…”

Me too. She was way better in the movie than in the anime.

Right? I really liked her dynamic with Kyouko


this round, round cake…who could it be?